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The Adventure

Scotland Yard needs private investigators with a great deal of skill, creativity and imagination to solve the different enigmas of a mysterious case. There’s only one problem: the time is running out!! You only have 80 minutes to solve this mysterious case.

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The Mission

Scotland Yard has re-opened the case of a missing scientist in 1895 who disappeared under strange circumstances. At the time, he was working on a secret project in his laboratory located at 33 Abbey Street (London), after the recent uncovering of some mysterious pages from his journal.

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The Rules

Scotland Yard is starting to lose hope on solving the case due to the many police investigators who have gone missing after spending more than 80 minutes inside. New investigators are being recruited to try to solve this mystery in record time.

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Where to Find Us

London 1895 The professor was working in his laboratory, located at 33 Abbey Street. The professor didn’t leave his lab during the 16th of September, he was seen on the 17th looking a bit shabby, and on the 18th he disappeared. Scotland Yard is continuing their investigation and gathering testimonies from the neighbors in the area, who claim that they heard strange noises during the night.

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The Best Times

Scotland Yard has released a report with the information gathered from the investigators who have been involved in the case. It contains data about the information they have retrieved as well as the most relevant clues as to what may have happened and the time invested in the investigation.

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After a few months of work to no avail, Scotland Yard is recruiting groups of private investigators who are experts in different subjects so that they can examine the laboratory and solve the case of the missing professor.
Scotland Yard needs you!! Do you accept the challenge?

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